Антицеллюлитная термо-маска для тела

against pronounced cellulitis

Anti-cellulite thermal mask - an effective tool in the fight against skin imperfections. Its unique formula has a warming effect, which contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and the activation of metabolic processes, the breakdown of fat deposits and the smoothing of the skin relief in cellulite.


Root-burner Monye warms up the skin and activates blood circulation, saturates the cells with oxygen, and improves tone and elasticity.


Far Eastern camphor enhances microcirculation and metabolic processes, softens and tightens the skin.


Helichrysum essential oil improves drainage function, promotes the removal of excess fluid and toxins.


SymFit complex provides a powerful triple effect: burns body fat, restores elasticity, reduces the symptoms of cellulite, making the skin perfectly smooth and toned.

Anti-cellulite body mask

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  • 500 ml