Ароматизатор для дома "Рефилл Tsunami"

cheerfulness and positive

TSUNAMI's fresh fragrance will burst into the house, enveloping in a wave of freshness, vitality and explosive energy. The coolness of taiga pine softens the mystical jasmine. The heart of the fragrance meets the ease of the sea breeze. An invigorating lemongrass Nanai softens the intriguing patchouli. The sonorous final chord will sound Siberian cedar and mystical vetiver.

Olfactive Pyramid
Upper: Taiga pine, jasmine
Heart: Sea breeze, lemongrass Nanai, patchouli
Basic: Siberian cedar, vetiver

Fragrance for the house Tsillami Refill

PriceFrom RUB 890.00
  • 50 ml or 150 ml