Бальзам защита цвета и блеск для окрашенных волос

Natural balm on the organic hydrolate of Radiola rosea effectively cares for colored hair, fills them with strength and Shine, helps to preserve the rich brightness of the color and facilitates combing. Rhodiola rosea is a valuable plant-adaptogen, which due to its unique composition and benefits is called the "Golden root". Organic Rhodiola rosea hydrolate restores the structure of colored hair, retains the intensity of color and gives the hair a brilliant Shine. Organic rose wax is a unique natural remedy for moisturizing and nourishing hair. Covers hair with weightless protection, leveling the surface and giving Shine.

Licorice is a natural foaming base, gently cleanses the hair and soothes the scalp. Hypo-allergenic.

Balm color protection and Shine for colored hair

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  • 400 ml