Бальзам «Энергия и рост волос»

Balm based on natural extracts and oils of wild plants of Siberia effectively cares for hair, fills them with natural strength and vitality, gives a luxurious Shine, facilitates combing and styling.


Nanai lemongrass extract nourishes the hair with vitamins, tones the scalp and awakens the hair follicles, activating the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Extracts of birch, vechornytsi Siberian ginseng root moisturize and strengthen the hair, making it thick and strong.

Oil of pine nuts and raspberry seeds deeply nourish and restore the structure of damaged hair.

Extract of Siberian juniper and Rhodiola rosea heals the scalp, have anti-aging and antiseptic action, prevents the appearance of dandruff.

Damask rose extract softens hair, making it smooth and manageable.

Balm "Energy and hair growth" for weakened and damaged hair

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  • 400 ml