Био гель для душа BODY POSITIVE Антицеллюлитный

It activates and awakens skin cells, tones and renews. Thanks to a combination of active taiga components, it fights against cellulite, removes toxins and has a powerful detox effect.

Gives smoothness and elasticity
Increases skin tone
Prevents the appearance of cellulite

Black Peppermint is 80% Essential Oil

Black peppermint contains a record amount of essential oils and tonic substances. Organic black peppermint oil is refreshing and has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect. Hot Khan pepper oil effectively stimulates cell function and gives elasticity. The root of Taimyr ginger is one of the most powerful natural stimulants that accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin and makes it more even and toned.

MINT, PEPPER & GINGER is a powerful natural stimulant that helps burn calories.

BODY POSITIVE Bio Shower Gel Anti-cellulite

RUB 219.00Price
  • 400 ml


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