Био тоник для лица pore refiner 5 в 1 сужающий поры натура сиберика

The rich cleansing tonic formula is ideal for problematic skin, tightens pores, matts and evens out its tone.

Soothes sensitive skin
Refreshes for a long time
Restores pH balance
Prepares skin for applying serum or cream


Taiga angelica contains essential oils, fatty acids and the most important vitamin B12 for youthful skin. Flower water of taiga angelica evens complexion, enhances its protective functions. ANA of forest arnica acid gently exfoliate and tone. The ACTIVE C + complex is a vitamin C formula supplemented with bioflavonoids. It has a powerful antioxidant effect and increases collagen synthesis in skin cells.

Taiga angelica reaches a height of 2.5 m and is considered the most gigantic source of organic acids and essential oils.

Bio facial tonic pore refiner 5 in 1 pore narrowing

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