Био тоник-спрей BERRY ENERGY для ослабленных и поврежденных волос

The active tonic spray formula awakens dormant roots and stimulates hair growth. Charging them with energy and strength, gives them elastic volume from the roots and luxurious shine, facilitates combing, protects against thermal effects during hot styling. Combines with any shampoo from the line.



Wild Kuril redberry contains a record amount of vitamin C and PP, tones, strengthens and restores hair vitality, and also protects against the negative effects of the environment.
PRO-OIL of taiga cranberry tones, accelerates hair growth, prevents hair loss. The active ingredient Active C + instantly infuses hair with life-giving moisture, protects against harmful environmental influences.

100 g of red berries contain 100 mg of vitamin C - even citrus fruits cannot boast of such an amount.

Bio tonic spray BERRY ENERGY for weakened and damaged hair

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  • 170 ml