Восстанавливающий био-бальзам для окрашенных волос «Медовый сбитень»

Repairing Hair Bio Conditioner is based on natural ingredients. It intensively nourishes and restores hair, slows down colour fading and makes hair stronger and shinier. Organic floral honey contains a great amount of vitamins and microelements. It improves hair elasticity, reduces its fragility and helps to recover split ends. Organic ginger extract helps effectively revitalize hair structure, stimulate hair growth and nourish hair bulbs, while protecting hair from environmental negative impacts.Organic raspberry oil gives brilliance to your hair, smoothes it and helps to prevent hair color from fading.

Honey Sbiten Conditioner

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  • the structure of the hair is restored; color is protected from leaching and retains saturation up to 10 weeks; hair softer, shinier and more obedient; protection from thermal effects.