Восстанавливающий био-шампунь для окрашенных волос «Медовый сбитень»

Repairing Bio Shampoo is based on natural ingredients. It delicately cleanses, intensively nourishes and moisturizes dyed hair, helping to revitalize its damaged structure and to maintain the brightness of the colour longer. Organic floral honey is a source of vitamins, microelements and active ingredients that contribute to hair revitalization. It nourishes hair, restores elasticity, strength and shine. Organic ashberry extract helps to revitalize hair structure, nourishes the scalp and provides vitamins and microelements. Helps to keep hair colour bright for long. Hop extract helps to moisturize hair, strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss.

Honey Sbiten Shampoo

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  • the structure of the hair is restored; color is protected from leaching and retains saturation up to 10 weeks; hair softer, shinier and more manageable.