Вулканический скраб для тела "Увлажнение и Гладкость" natura siberica

The volcanic scrub is designed to bring a feast of smoothness to your body. It gently cleanses the skin, deeply moisturizes and imparts an inviting smoothness.
Pink clay from Lake Bursol accumulates unique micro-components of the pink lake, located in the Kulundinskaya steppe of Altai Territory, and gives them to your skin. Lightness and smoothness are felt immediately upon use.

Brine salt masterfully enhances immunity and has a powerful lymphatic drainage effect. An interesting fact: the concentration of active substances in it is 30 times higher than in the salt of the Dead Sea.

Sikhote Organic Wild Rose Oil contains a record amount of fatty acids, Omega 3-6-9 and rare Omega-7, thanks to the rich composition of the volcanic soils of Sakhalin in which it grows. The oil perfectly moisturizes and finds a common language even behind the most delicate skin.

Volcanic Moisturizing & Smoothing Body Scrub

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