Гель для душа Антибактериальный

Designed for daily cleansing of the skin, often prone to acne on the body.

Possesses pronounced antibacterial and antiseptic properties, ensures effective removal of various impurities and bacteria from the skin, eliminates acne and prevents their further appearance, softens and nourishes, while maintaining the natural level of moisture.


MICROSYN® RNMV 20 is an active ingredient guanidine, recommended by Rospotrebnadzor (letter No. 02 / 770-2020-32 dated January 23, 2020) at a concentration of at least 0.2% for disinfection measures, including personal hygiene measures and disinfection of premises, for prevention diseases caused by coronaviruses.

Organic white birch extract contains several times more betulin than birch growing in mid-latitudes.
And high concentrations of vitamins B2 and B5 have a strong soothing effect, prevent moisture loss and even out skin tone.

Salicylic acid is a powerful natural antiseptic that soothes, accelerates the healing and regeneration processes, restores a healthy balance of skin lipids.

Antibacterial Shower gel Bereza Siberica

RUB 198.00Price
  • Foam the gel with a sponge or with your hands and spread it evenly over the body with light massage movements. Rinse off with warm water.

  • 200 ml


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