Гель-скраб для лица «Detox» natura siberica

Deeply cleanses and instantly removes signs of fatigue, has a powerful detox effect, renews, gently exfoliates and evens out tone and texture, improves and refreshes the skin's appearance


- activated carbon of Daurian birch has antioxidant properties, has a detox effect, tightens pores and deeply cleanses the skin from impurities

- L-tranexamic acid of sakura flowers improves skin microcirculation, tones up, reduces and reduces the intensity of inflammation and redness, increases skin elasticity

The effectiveness of the gel scrub is clinically proven:

72% less visible pores
53% restoration of skin microrelief
67% smoother skin surface
59% reduction in skin imperfections
100% fresher and firmer skin

Detox face gel scrub

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  • 100 ml