Гиалуроновый увлажняющий спрей-кондиционер для волос "AQUA BOOSTER .Ultra Увлажнение"

for dry and brittle hair

Essential for daily care of dry hair, prone to breakage and loss of discipline, penetrates deeply, replenishing the natural level of moisture and retaining it inside, protecting it from the external environment, relieves static, makes combing and styling easier.

Active Ingredients:

Deep Sea Sakhalin Kelp: Provides deep nourishment without weighing down
Liquid Silk: Coats, makes it easy to detangle, gives hair a luxurious shine and strength
Hyaluronic acid: saturates the hair with moisture, smoothes, restores its firmness, strength and elasticity

Is your hair dry, prone to damage and difficult to style?

In the absence of sufficient moisture, the hair begins to break, split, become porous and dry.

The deep sea algae of the Sea of Okhotsk contains the entire spectrum of minerals, vitamins and amino acids necessary for hair.

Hyaluronic moisturizing spray-conditioner for hair "AQUA BOOSTER. Moisturizing"

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  • 120 ml

  • spray on dry or damp hair, start styling. Do not rinse. For best results, use with other AQUA BOOSTER products.