Гидрофильное масло для снятия макияжа

Based on a complex of natural plant oils, gently and effectively removes impurities and persistent make-up, fights against the harmful effects of the environment, deeply restores and softens the skin exposed to daily stress, does not disrupt the PH-balance of the skin and prevents the appearance of dryness and tightness after washing


- hydrolyzed white cedar proteins restore the hydrolipid barrier and prevent moisture loss, moisturize, soften and have a soothing effect on the skin

- arbutin centella asiatica has a strong whitening effect, brightens the skin, fights pigmentation, evening out complexion, the result is smooth and radiant skin

Clinically proven hydrophilic makeup remover oil:

Reduces dry skin by 60%
80% smoother and more elastic skin
65% soothes the skin and relieves irritation
90% smoother complexion
93% improves the appearance of the skin

Hydrophilic Makeup Remover Oil

RUB 1256.00Price
  • 125 ml