Горячий крем-липолитик «Кульдурские термы»

for instant weight loss
Hot body lipolytic cream “Kuldurskie Terme” has a warming effect on the skin, activates blood circulation and the process of splitting fat deposits, providing instant weight loss and the formation of a slender, toned silhouette.

Brown northern algae, due to the high content of vitamins, polysaccharides, alpha and beta carotene, have a powerful lymphatic drainage effect, eliminate fluid stagnation in tissues, reduce swelling, effectively breaking down subcutaneous fat deposits.

The thermal water of the Kuldur hot springs of the Far East, has a unique biochemical composition with a high content of nitrogen, fluorine and silicon, it perfectly stimulates regeneration, saturates cells with moisture and oxygen, restores and rejuvenates the skin.

Volcanic lily contains essential oils, mucous membranes and flavonoids, deeply nourishes and softens the skin, has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.


Far Eastern ginseng and oligopeptide-5 increases the tone and energizes the skin, effectively protects from the negative effects of the environment.

Hot cream-lipolytic "Kuldur baths"

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