Густое сибирское белое масло для тела Антицеллюлитное

This rich Siberian White Body Butter was formulated to help reduce the "orange peel effect" while improving skin appearance and texture.

Siberian cedar and Red Juniper oils improve blood circulation, while Siberian Fir Oil rejuvenates and smoothes skin.  Altai Oblepikha and Arctic Cloudberry oils protect skin from environmental impacts, making it soft and enhancing natural glow.  Wild beeswax adds smoothness, and acts as an excellent natural moisturiser.  Adaptogenic Limonnik Nanai is highly beneficial for the skin due to its anti-oxidant properties and is rich in vitamins E and C.  Day after day your skin becomes soft, smooth and appealing.

Rich Siberian White Body Butter

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  • 200 ml

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