Детская зубная паста от 3-х лет «Мятный холодок»

Organic peppermint extract, Siberian mountain ash extract and fir oil

Your beloved baby needs tremulous care and gentle care! Give him all the best that nature gives us. Your baby’s toothpaste with a minty mint taste will please your baby and help to instill a habit of brushing your teeth regularly. Thanks to a special formula, it cleans well without damaging the enamel structure and effectively prevents tooth decay. The natural ingredients that make up the paste do not harm the baby's body if accidentally swallowed. Organic peppermint extract provides reliable prevention of oral diseases and freshens breath. Organic extract of Siberian mountain ash prevents the development of caries and the formation of tartar. Organic fir oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens tooth enamel.

Children's toothpaste from 3 years old “Mint Chill”

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  • 50 ml