Дренажный крем-массаж для тела «белые водопады»

to remove excess fluid and relieve swelling

Drainage cream massage "White Waterfalls" accelerates lipolysis and the natural metabolism of adipose tissue, removes excess fluid and toxins, relieves swelling, makes the skin smooth and toned.


The thermal water of the Pauzhetian springs of the Kamchatka Peninsula has a highly mineralized composition, stimulates regeneration and metabolic processes in tissues, saturates cells with moisture and oxygen, draws excess fluid from the body, helping to get rid of swelling and excess body fat.


Arctic rose oil has antioxidant and tonic effects, saturates the skin with vitamins, smoothes and smoothes body contours, increases firmness and elasticity.


Volcanic lily contains essential oils, mucous substances and flavonoids, it deeply nourishes and softens the skin, gives smoothness and silkiness.

Drainage cream massage for the body "white waterfalls"

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