Защитный крем для рук Дикий камчатский подснежник

The wild Kamchatka snowdrop has amazing vitality and energy. This amazing plant accumulates nutrients all year to bloom in early spring, almost under the snow. Due to the high concentration of plant polysaccharides - 12 times more than in sugarcane - the Kamchatka snowdrop is resistant to frost and is able to grow even at zero temperature. Protective hand cream wild Kamchatka snowdrop is specially designed to protect hand skin from cold, wind and frost. Its active formula moisturizes and nourishes skin cells with nutrients, increasing its protective functions. The complex of polysaccharides creates a protective layer, retaining moisture in the skin cells, preventing its drying out and chapping.

Protective Hand Cream Wild Kamchatka Snowdrop

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  • Apply a small amount of cream on clean, dry skin of the hands with light massaging movements until completely absorbed.


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