Защитный крем для рук на лосином молоке

Protective hand cream prepared with organic elk milk. Thick and fat, rich in vitamins and proteins, natural moose milk has a strong antiseptic and regenerative effect, it moisturizes and heals the skin of the hands. Surviving in conditions of extremely low temperatures, snow cladonia has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect, it tones and renews the skin of the hands. Calendula flower extract, whose healing properties have been known since ancient times, has a strong healing and calming effect, it will protect the skin of the hands, make it more elastic and soft. A storehouse of vitamins and nutrients, tundra taiga oil will soothe the skin.

After regular use of the protective cream, the skin of the hands will become smoother and moisturized.

Protective hand cream on elk milk

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  • Apply a small amount of cream on dry, clean skin of the hands with light massaging movements.

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