вытяжка из черной икры natura siberica

Complex anti-aging agent, acts purposefully on all layers of the skin and provides its deep renewal and rejuvenation. The principle of action is a multifunctional fight against cellular aging of the skin: regeneration, revitalization, restoration of the structure, fight against wrinkles, restore elasticity, antioxidant effect, hydration and radiance.


Active ingredients:


- Concentrated extract of caviar (Beluga, sturgeon and sturgeon) is rich in proteins and collagen, minerals and vitamins, which effectively prevents the aging process, restores damaged skin, activates collagen production.


- Collagen caviar retain moisture at the level of the epidermis, improving its tone and elasticity.


- Gold peptides (a complex of amino acids with colloidal gold) activates the synthesis of collagen, stimulates cell metabolism and restores the skin.


- Active complex peptidsup - Coll (serum content of 3%) stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin cells and protects its structure from destruction by enzymes in the future.


Proven effectiveness*: skin relief smoothing by 12%.


-SYN -Ake polypeptide(serum content 4%) smoothes the skin and fights wrinkles.


Proven efficacy*: 52% reduction in wrinkle depth.


-Vitamin complex consisting of caviar (A, E, D, F and K) supports the protective barrier of the skin and compensates for harmful external influences that accelerate the aging process.

Intensive anti-aging extract from black caviar ANTI-AGE

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