Cedar Bath Foam


Delicate velvety foam is created on the basis of saponified Siberian oils according to the traditional recipe used by the ancient peoples of Siberia. Enriched with cedar and flaxseed oils, natural concentrates of vitamin E, the foam nourishes the skin, increasing its tone, slows down and prevents the aging process, returns youth and beauty. Rhodiola rosea and Mongolian tea increase the protective functions of the skin, moisturize and restore, giving extraordinary firmness and elasticity. Cetraria snow and Arctic cloudberries provide the skin with the necessary vitamins, leaving a delicate sensual aroma on it.

Cedar Bath Foam

RUB 689.00Price
    • 100% natural base
    • Manually welded
    • Without SLS / SLES, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes
    • No preservatives or silicones
  • 500 ml


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