Кедровое масло ручного отжима из Таштыпского района

hand pressed from Tashtyp district, Khakassia for hair and body
The Tashtyp cedar, growing on the mountain slopes of the Western Sayan, used to constantly fight for survival in the harsh climatic conditions of Khakassia, has an increased vital potential and strength. Alpine cedar oil contains 5 times more vitamin F than fish oil, and 3 times more B vitamins than wheat germ, which makes it indispensable in body and hair care. The oil deeply nourishes and restores hair, gives it shine and elasticity, facilitates combing, and resists brittleness. Relieves scalp irritation, eliminates dandruff and prevents hair loss. Cedar oil provides full body care: moisturizes the skin, making it firmer and more elastic, slows down and prevents the aging process, restoring skin youth and beauty. 0% SLS / SLES 0% parabens 0% synthetic fragrances and dyes

Hand-pressed cedar oil from Tashtyp district

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  • 100% Pinus Sibirica Seed Oil (кедровое масло)


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