Коллагеновая био сыворотка для лица LIFT-ACTIVЕ Активатор молодости

The action of serum is aimed at combating anti-aging changes. Light texture is quickly absorbed, provides a noticeable lifting effect. It models the oval of the face, helps eliminate swelling, give the skin a natural radiance and freshness. It activates the processes of self-rejuvenation, excellently revitalizes. Suitable for any skin type, recommended from the age of 25 years.

Increases skin density and elasticity
Smoothes wrinkles
Improves complexion


The extract of black wild fern evens out the microrelief, giving the skin smoothness and tone.
100% hyaluronic acid, like a magnet, draws moisture, activating a powerful anti-aging effect.
Pro-collagen strengthens the skin structure, restores its elasticity and density. Tones and makes the contour of faces.

Collagen Bio Facial Serum LIFT-ACTIVE Youth Activator

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  • 30 ml