Коллаген черной икры Активатор молодости natura siberica

With age, the structure of the skin fibers is broken, and the production of own collagen is reduced. This leads to dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. The laboratory specialists of Natura Siberica, created an intensive treatment for deep hydration, restoring the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Its active formula works in two directions: stimulates the synthesis of collagen and promotes instant and long-lasting hydration of the skin.


Active ingredients:


- Caviar extract, world famous for its unique anti-aging properties, is rich in proteins and collagen, minerals and vitamins, which effectively prevents the aging process, activates the processes of cell recovery and collagen production.


- Collagen caviar retain moisture at the level of the epidermis, improving its tone and elasticity.


- Elastin acts in tandem with collagen, restoring the natural structure of the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness.


- Active component Vitagenyl(serum content 3%) stimulates the group of genes responsible for the process of cell renewal and recovery, enhances the vital potential of cells and the ability of the skin to regenerate.


-Hyaluronic acid promotes prolonged hydration of the deep layers of the skin, slowing down the process of premature aging.


- Ursolic acid helps restore damaged collagen fibers and neutralizes the action of free radicals. It also stimulates the muscle fibers that form a clear contour and oval face.

Collagen of black caviar "Activator of youth»

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