Комплексный уход для области вокруг глаз и губ 3-в-1 ANTI-AGE

Area around eyes and lips – the most delicate, precisely she betrays age. Natura Siberica presents the innovation system for skin care 3 in 1 age, a unique combination of three tools against the visible signs of aging — lifting the age — erasing fine lines and wrinkles strengthening of contour of eyes and lips — reduction of swelling— reduction of dark circles and glowing skin.


Step 1. Firming lifting gel for the area around the eyes and lips

Innovative firming lifting gel for the area around the eyes and lips with a melting texture. Cares for the delicate skin contour of the eyelids and lips, has a complex effect: smoothes wrinkles, strengthens the skin of the eyelids and significantly reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, making the look extremely rested and radiant. Reduces vertical wrinkles above the lips. The skin instantly tightens, shines with the energy of youth.


Step 2. A revitalizing night balm for the eye & lip area

Intensive night balm purposefully combats the signs of aging of the skin of the two most delicate areas – the contour of the eyes and lips that are most able to give your age. Provides a pronounced draining effect against puffiness, reduces dark circles under the eyes. As a result, the area around the eyes and lips is visibly smoothed and becomes rested and healthy.


Step 3. An Express wrinkle corrector for the eye area

Express wrinkle corrector provides the skin around the eyes with perfect color and effective care. The radiant texture of the cream of universal shade, thanks to 3D pigments ? "chameleons", acts in tandem with active components, significantly reducing swelling and dark circles under the eyes, masks fine lines, instantly making the look more vivid and expressive.

Comprehensive care for the eye and lip area 3-in-1 ANTI-AGE

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