Ночной крем-баттер для тела Night recobery интенсивное питание natura siberica

Excellently nourishes and softens the skin, gives it a velvety smoothness and radiance. Active components are saturated with vitamins and minerals, maintain an optimal hydrolipidic balance.
Actively restores skin cells

Intensively nourishes

Suitable for very dry and sensitive skin.


Black Uyghur fern is a source of organic acids and vitamin E, intensively nourishes and renews skin cells. Siberian ginseng root is the most effective natural remedy for the tone and elasticity of the skin, increases its ability to regenerate, restores youth and beauty. White taiga cedar in terms of vitamin E is superior to olive oil. Omega-oil of white taiga cedar, enriched with Omega 3-6-9, deeply nourishes, smooths and evens out skin tone. Due to its high content of vitamins F and B, it maintains water balance, heals and soothes.

Night cream-body cream Night recobery intense nutrition

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  • 300 ml