Набор Skin Holiday Planeta Organica

Escape from the bustle of the metropolis and plunge into the waterfall of tropical paradise bliss? Everything is possible with the collection of cosmetics "Skin Holliday"!


Shower gel "NO STRESS"

moisturizing tropical mix for your skin, will help relieve stress, forget about the bustle of the big city and plunge into the atmosphere of heavenly bliss.

Bio Fiji Banana Extract from the island of Fiji perfectly nourishes and nourishes the skin with healthy vitamins. Bio Coconut Milk deeply moisturizes the skin, making it incredibly smooth and velvety. Indian soap nut is a natural cleansing gel base, does not dry the skin. Completely hypoallergenic.


Body milk hydration and nutrition "CARIBBEAN MIX"

Feel fiery Caribbean rhythms with Coconut Milk Shake! Milk cocktail for the body saturates every cell of your skin with moisture and energizes juicy tropical fruits.

Seychelles coconut milk is extremely beneficial and nutritious, instantly softens the skin. Organic mango oil tones the skin, gives firmness and elasticity. Tropical passion fruit contains a maximum of vitamin E, preserves youthful skin and its beauty.

Planeta Organica Skin Holiday Set

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    • shower gel 250 ml
    • body milk 250 ml