Королевский крем для тела

Royal Body Cream is a luxurious treatment based on natural botanical components that bring your skin to perfection. It stimulates elastin and collagen production, provides revitalizing and toning effect. Black caviar extract is a great source of proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Penetrating deep into the skin, it increases skin renewal, boosts collagen and elastin production and provides a strong antioxidant protection, which results in smoother, younger and more energized skin. Organic white flax oil - a natural source of vitamins and microelements 3- moisturizes and nourishes your skin, revitalizes and energizes it, makes it softer and more radiant.  It also provides an anti-inflammatory effect. Makes it silkier and smoother.

Royal Body Cream

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  • increased skin elasticity; intense hydration and deep care; skin is extremely smooth, soft and silky.