Крем для лица БИО-БАЛАНС

for problematic, oily and combination skin day and night


Cream BIO-BALANCE of directed action is a real salvation for problematic, oily and combination skin. The light formula helps the skin regain a feeling of freshness and purity, creates the effect of matte porcelain skin.

Active bio-extracts:
• Phyllodots blue adjusts the water balance of the deep layers of the skin, which is a common cause of excess oily skin.
• When snow becomes snowy, it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, and prevents the occurrence of post-acne.
• Pacific algae normalize the sebaceous glands and significantly soothe the skin.
• The Inal series has pronounced antibacterial properties, cleanses the pores, contributing to their narrowing, and also normalizes seboregulation.

Due to the high content of Ac.net®, p-Refinyl® and Regu®-Seb complexes, the pores are cleaned, smoothed and narrowed. Zinc, salicylic and glycolic acids not only control the production of fat, but also instantly improve the texture of the skin. The pores look less noticeable thanks to the unique reflective optical technology.


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  • 50 ml