Крем для лица БИО-КОРРЕКТОР

for skin subject to pigmentation and post-acne SPF 20 day and night


Cream BIO-CORRECTOR significantly improves and evens out the complexion, successfully fights pigment spots and prevents the appearance of new ones, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.

Active bio-extracts:
• Actinidia colomicta contains a record amount of vitamin C. It has a pronounced clarifying effect and excellent antioxidant effect.
• Northern cranberries contain unique ANA acids that renew and brighten the skin with a mild peeling effect.
• Scutellaria baicalensis accelerates cell renewal, improving metabolic processes, and also suppresses excessive melanin synthesis.
• White Siberian flax evens out complexion thanks to the phylloquinone contained in it, which helps to cope with existing pigmentation and prevent its development.

The high-tech Sabiwhite® and Celldetox® complexes, usnic acid and arbutin brighten age spots, returning an even skin tone. The SPF 20 sunscreen protects against harmful sun rays, preventing the formation of new spots.


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  • 50 ml


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