Крем для лица БИО-СИЯНИЕ

for dull skin, prone to daily stress day and night


Cream BIO-SHINE improves oxygen metabolism, relieves skin of toxins, filling it with radiance.

Active bio-extracts:
• Siversion ice blooms when there is still snow around. Tones up and awakens the skin, activating the metabolism.
• Lofant Tibetan restores the protective properties of the skin, improves complexion and makes skin tone more even.
• Japanese Sophora contains rutin, which is a natural antioxidant and promotes the elimination of toxins, and also nourishes the skin with essential trace elements.
• Sagan-daila strengthens the immune system, helps the skin recover in time, so it doesn’t lose its natural beauty and youth.

The highly effective Oxygeskin® and Syn®-Coll peptide, enriched with vitamins and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, have an instant SOS effect, returning the glow to dull, tired skin with stress.

Face Cream BIO-SHINE

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  • 50 ml