for dry dehydrated skin day and night

Cream BIO-MOISTURIZING is a life-giving sip of moisture, a surge of vitality and freshness for your skin. It has a phenomenal effect on the skin, instantly eliminates signs of fatigue and gives it a natural radiance of youth.

Active bio-extracts:
• Sakhalin rose survives on stony soils due to its ability to accumulate moisture; its effect is similar to hyaluronic acid. It visibly softens the skin and is a reliable prevention of early aging.
• Northern linna deeply moisturizes and helps the skin retain moisture.
• Rhodiola rosea is rich in organic acids, nourishes the skin and stimulates
processes of cell regeneration, restores skin firmness and elasticity.

The Structurine® and Pentavitin® complexes, collagen and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid work at several levels: attracting, retaining and preventing moisture loss.


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  • 50 ml