Маска для волос "Аква-увлажнение"

Active ingredients: white Sakhalin algae, thermal water from Kunashir island


Extreme times require drastic measures – extra moisturizing for your hair along with (AQUA)2 BOOSTER HAIR MASK! Light gel texture of the hair mask deeply moisturizes the hair, smoothes and gives a well-groomed appearance.


Sakhalin algae contain vitamins A, C, D, E, minerals and plant collagen, restore the water-salt balance of the hair and make the hair strong and beautiful, increase the resistance of the hair from the negative effects of the environment.


The thermal waters of Kunashir island due to the high mineral content softens the hair, detangles and maintains optimal level of hydration all day.


The perfect energy of the water for gorgeous hair!

(AQUA)2 booster hair mask

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  • 200 ml