Маска для волос "CAVIAR THERAPY.Восстановление & Защита"

for damaged and dull hair

With the precious extract of northern black caviar, it is intended for intensive care. Penetrates deeply into the hair structure, actively restoring it from the inside, prevents split ends, restores plasticity and polishes, giving hair a luxurious mirror shine.

Active Ingredients:

Northern Black Caviar: restores hair structure, restores elasticity and luxurious shine.
Keratin: Prevents breakage and dryness.
7 super amino acids: a unique complex for cellular repair.

Have your hair become brittle, dry, unruly and constantly electrified?

As a result of frequent dyeing, heat exposure and stress, the hair has become brittle, lifeless and resembling a straw, which is difficult to form into a clear hairstyle

The precious extract of black caviar is saturated with proteins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids - very similar in composition to the hair components. With regular use, hair regains a healthy shine and strength.

Hair mask "CAVIAR THERAPY. Restoration & Protection"

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  • 150 ml

  • Apply evenly to hair, previously washed with shampoo and dried with a towel, and leave for 3 - 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. For best results use in conjunction with other CAVIAR THERAPY products.