Ночная маска для лица «Увлажняющая» japonica siberica

Improves skin condition, saturating it with freshness and vitality. Restores tone and elasticity, renews and tones the skin, instantly the skin becomes fresh and plump, radiates youth and radiance


- 5a-amino acids of black juniper improve skin texture and have a powerful lifting effect, intensively nourish the skin, saturating it with essential substances and increasing elasticity

-polyphenols of Japanese Yuzu lemon protect elastin and collagen fibers from destruction, improve blood microcirculation, smoothing and smoothing the skin

The effectiveness of the face mask is clinically proven:

86% evens out skin texture
52% reduction in wrinkles
77% more even complexion
81% more hydrated skin
100% skin looks fresher

Face mask "Happy skin"

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  • 100 ml