Маска объем и уход для всех типов волос натура сиберика

Natural mask on organic hydrolate cedar elfin is designed specifically for daily care of all types of hair. Nourishes and strengthens the hair, gives it a healthy glow and luxurious volume, facilitates combing.


Cedar elfin – natural energy, a powerful tonic for hair, contains 10 times more vitamin C than lemon, and 12 times more carotene than carrots. Organic cedar elfin hydrolate strengthens hair, accelerates its growth, gives an amazing volume and brilliant Shine.


Lungwort nourishes the hair with vitamins B1, B7 and E, providing long-term protection and gentle care. It helps to preserve moisture in the hair structure, gives the hair softness and elasticity.

Mask volume and care for all hair types

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  • 300 ml