Медово-имбирное антицеллюлитное обёртывание

Honey  Ginger  body wrap helps to reduce cellulite signs thanks to a unique combination of natural bio-components. A heating effect, provided by the treatment, stimulates blood circulation, fighting with cellulite signs. It maximizes skin elasticity and firmness, restoring mineral balance. Organic floral honey stimulates blood circulation in cellulite prone areas, helps fat burning ingredients to perpetrate them. It contributes to skin regeneration and detoxification process. Organic ginger extract contains vitamins, polysaccharides, alpha- and beta-carotin. Provides a lymph drainage effect. Helps to decrease fat depot.  Organic Siberian ginseng extract improves skin tone and charges it with energy. It is an active antioxidant; it effectively protects skin from daily environmental harmful influence.

Honey Ginger Body Wrap

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  • cellulite is less pronounced; accelerated removal of excess fluid and toxins; the skin is noticeably more elastic and elastic.