Мицеллярная вода для чувствительной кожи натура сиберика

Micelles like a magnet attract pollution, without rubbing the skin. Suitable for removing even waterproof makeup. The skin instantly becomes clean, velvety and moisturized.

Gently and deeply cleanses
Moisturizes and mattifies
Suitable for sensitive skin.


Organic extracts of Kuril tea and mountain cornflower are carefully cleaned, fight imperfections, even out skin tone and give a velvety smoothness. Blue taiga chamomile oil contains azulene, a natural anti-inflammatory component. It soothes sensitive skin, gives the skin a dull and well-groomed appearance. An extract from the flowers of northern angelica enhances microcirculation in the skin cells, due to the high content of coumarins and ferulic acid, contributing to their renewal and regeneration.

5 times more vitamin C in Kuril tea than in lemon

Perfect tone micellar beauty water for sensitive skin

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  • 170 ml

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