Мультифункциональный спрей- кондиционер для волос " CAVIAR THERAPY.Восстановление & Защита"

for damaged and dull hair

Penetrates deeply into the hair structure, moisturizes, fills in damaged areas, protects against damage during styling with thermal devices, and gives a glossy shine.

Active Ingredients:

Northern Black Caviar: restores hair structure, restores elasticity and luxurious shine.
Keratin: Prevents breakage and dryness.
7 super amino acids: a unique complex for cellular repair.

Have your hair become brittle, dry, unruly and constantly electrified?

As a result of frequent dyeing, heat exposure and stress, the hair has become brittle, lifeless and resembling a straw, which is difficult to form into a clear hairstyle

The precious extract of black caviar is saturated with proteins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids - very similar in composition to the hair components. With regular use, hair regains a healthy shine and strength.

Multifunctional spray-conditioner for hair "CAVIAR THERAPY.

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  • 120 ml

  • apply the product to hair that has been previously washed with shampoo and dried with a towel, start styling. Do not rinse. For best results use in conjunction with other CAVIAR THERAPY products.