Мягкий термальный кондиционер

Gentle Thermal Conditioner is based on natural bio-components. Its delicate texture deeply penetrates into   your hair structure so it effectively moisturizes and nourishes it. This treatment is a unique combination of natural ingredients that contribute to hair grooming, granting luxurious volume and glamour shine to your hair. Sea salt has exceptional healing properties. It contains lots of active ingredients revitalizing hair structure. Organic water lily extract intensively moisturizes and revitalizes the hair structure contributing to a prolonged water-retention.

Grants elasticity, volume and shine. Organic laminaria extractcontains a well-balanced composition of 70 different minerals, biologically active substances and amino acids. Derived from sea water they penetrate the hair structure while moisturizing and nourishing it. It strengthens the bulbs, stimulating hair growth and adding volume and shine to your hair.

Thermal Conditioner

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  • the increase in volume of hair ; long-term preservation of the volume; the hair is stronger, supple, radiant with healthy Shine.

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