Мятное мыло DETOX мужская косметика натура сиберика

A morning shower with black Tuvan soap is like a shamanic ritual. soap instantly refreshes, invigorates, charges with irrepressible energy for the whole day. effectively cleanses the skin and provides a powerful DETOX effect. a full reset of body and spirit for new exploits, victories, and good hunting!

Tuvan artysh protective function activates, invigorates and stimulates, and improves skin tone

and the immunity of the skin.

Black Tuvan mint refreshes, restores

and nourishes the skin, provides antioxidant protection.

The rapid aroma of wild Siberian herbs reveals individuality, masculinity

and self-confidence

Reliable fact:

the sacred power of Tuvan artysh and black mint takes perception to another level. Any shamanic ritual begins with fumigation with these herbs, which purify and protect the mind

Black mint soap for body and hair DETOX

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  • 200 ml