Набор Planeta Organica Fast Super Food Manicure

Make yourself an apple detox. And to your own hands too!

Beauty and tenderness of the skin is guaranteed!


1 step. Manicure Tray

softens the skin and improves its breathing. Organic Japanese apple contains fruit acids that have cleansing and whitening properties. Spicy cinnamon softens and moisturizes the skin, normalizes metabolic processes.


2 step. Rice Hand Scrub

evens out the tone and refreshes the skin.

Organic rice powder effectively renews and exfoliates the skin. The pink lychee extract, rich in vitamin C, deeply cleanses the skin, moisturizes, tones and refreshes its color.


3 step. Apple hand cream mask

will give smoothness and softness. Organic Japanese apple nourishes with vitamins, refreshes and creates antioxidant protection. Spicy cinnamon oil softens, moisturizes the skin, improves its texture and protects against negative external factors.


4 step. Enjoy the beauty and tenderness of your hands!


Planeta Organica Fast Super Food Manicure Set

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    • bath for manicure "Apple with cinnamon" 35 g
    • rice scrub for hands 30 ml
    • apple hand cream mask 30 ml