Набор Planeta Organica Spa Skin Day

Refreshing mask patches for eyes "Mango"

Your eyes attract like a magnet, and sparkles in your eyes make you smile!

Organic Mango Extract refreshes and tones the skin, eliminates puffiness and fatigue. Aloe organic juice nourishes with moisture, gives the skin elasticity, and the look of radiance.


Vanilla face cream

Sweet and fragrant, like your favorite dessert, nourishes every cell of the skin with vitamins.

Organic vanilla extract soothes and nourishes the skin, restores firmness and elasticity. Seychelles coconut milk is extremely beneficial and nutritious, instantly softens the skin and gives it softness and smoothness.


Face mask "Cocoa"

Morning cocoa, and you are ready to conquer the world!

Fragrant cocoa butter, rich in B vitamins, gives tone and elasticity. Organic apricot gently nourishes and smoothes the skin, evens out its tone.

Planeta Organica Spa Skin Day Set

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    • vanilla face cream 100 ml
    • face mask "Cocoa" 100 ml
    • refreshing mask patches for eyes "Mango" 20 ml