Натуральная камчатская зубная паста ДЛЯ ЗДОРОВЬЯ ЗУБОВ И ДЕСЕН

The natural components of natural Kamchatka toothpaste carefully and delicately clean, effectively and gently whiten. The minerals and natural phytoextracts that make up strengthen and restore tooth enamel, while maintaining its health.

Kuril tea prevents inflammation by strengthening gums.

Cedar elfin effectively fights the spread of bacteria in the oral cavity, freshens breath.

Far Eastern lemongrass is a natural antiseptic that prevents the development of caries and effectively freshens the breath.

The Daurian hawthorn and the field mushroom provide a delicate cleansing, fresh breath and healthy gums.

Wild Yatsubik more than 30% consists of fatty oils, vitamin C and saponins, which effectively strengthen and nourish the gums.

Asian plantain has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the gums, helping to eliminate bleeding.

Allantoin promotes the regeneration and rapid healing of gums.

Zinc (Zn) disinfects the oral cavity and freshens breath, reduces the sensitivity of enamel.

The patented Physcool® molecule derived from peppermint leaves provides a lasting feeling of freshness.

Natural Kamchatka Toothpaste FOR HEALTH OF TEETH AND Gums

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