Натуральная камчатская зубная паста ДЛЯ СВЕЖЕГО ДЫХАНИЯ

The delicate formula of natural Kamchatka toothpaste is designed to maximize the effect of freshness of the oral cavity, effectively whitens and cleans the surface of the teeth. Its natural components fight the development of microbes that cause bad breath, ensuring fresh breath throughout the day.
The thermal water of the Kuril springs is rich in minerals and micro and macro elements that restore and strengthen tooth enamel, preventing its thinning.
Ginger oil is a natural antiseptic that provides fresh breath and strong gums.
Organic lemon balm extract helps relieve inflammation, strengthens and nourishes the gums.
The papain plant enzyme prevents plaque and tartar from forming, helping to keep teeth whiter.
Soft polishing complex helps to effectively clean and whiten tooth enamel without damaging it.
The patented Physcool® molecule derived from peppermint leaves, providing

Natural Kamchatka Toothpaste FOR FRESH BREATH

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  • 100 ml