Непрерывный антицеллюлитный комплекс

to eliminate the signs of cellulitis

15 days

The unique anti-cellulite complex combines continuous day and night skin care, providing a highly effective action in eliminating the signs of cellulite.

Gel serums for active fat burning during the day - effectively affect fat metabolism in tissues, breaking down fatty tissue and smoothing the skin relief, intensively smoothing problem areas with the appearance of cellulite. 5% pure caffeine has a powerful tonic effect, activates metabolic processes and blood circulation, increases skin turgor.


Gel serum for a powerful drainage effect at night - stimulates lymphatic circulation in fat cells, instantly removes excess fluid and toxins, relieves swelling, significantly reducing body volume. 17% spirulina extract is a rich source of vitamins A, E, K, B1, B2, B5, B6 and B9 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which provide the skin with deep nutrition and hydration, increasing its elasticity and elasticity.

Continuous anti-cellulite complex

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  • Day
    In the morning, apply the contents of one ampoule to the skin of problem areas and evenly distribute until completely absorbed with active massaging movements. After application, slight tingling may occur, which quickly passes. 15 days in a row
    In the evening, on the previously cleaned skin of problem areas with signs of puffiness, apply the contents of one ampoule and evenly distribute until completely absorbed with gentle massaging movements in the direction from the bottom up. The course is 15 consecutive days.

  • 30 amp * 10 ml