Ночной крем для лица отбеливающий

Arctic blackcurrant has natural whitening properties, lightens freckles and dark pigment spots, accelerates the metabolism in skin cells.

WH Altai fescue (extract) regulates protein metabolism, softens and moisturizes the skin, has an antiseptic effect. Siberian juniper renews the skin, softens, prevents wrinkles, nourishes and smoothes the skin, improving its appearance.

SabiWhite® - a patented natural active extract from turmeric root with proven clarifying properties:


Visually brightens hyperpigmentation;

Lightens / removes freckles, acne and other skin imperfections;

Visibly brightens skin tone;

Significantly improves skin elasticity;

Deeply nourishes the skin, giving it a radiance and even tone

Whitening Night Cream

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  • 50 ml