Облепиховый шампунь «максимальный объем» для всех типов волос

• gives hair incredible volume from its very roots
• nourishes and saturates hair with essential moisture
makes hair thicker and more elastic

Gives hair maximum volume, shine and thickness, and protects it from heat exposure during hot styling. Revives and lifts hair from the very roots without weighing it down. Vitamins and amino-acids in the formula nourish and repair hair, Altai sea-buckthorn oil, Moroccan argan oil and organic oil of white Siberian flaxseeds help generate keratin, which makes hair strong and shiny. Viburnum and Dahurian rose retain moisture deep in hair structure. After using the shampoo hair looks amazingly beautiful and breathtakingly voluminous.

Oblepikha Shampoo Maximum Volume

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  • Gives hair an incredible volume from the roots, nourishes and nourishes the hair with the necessary moisture, makes the hair more thick and supple