Органические глубоководные водоросли

Make skin soft and toned
Help in the fight against cellulite
Relieve swelling
Contain iodine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and other trace elements
Everyone knows the incredible healing properties of algae. Not much can compare with them in terms of richness and fantastic skin benefits! Our algae grows in the cold, salty waters of the Pacific Ocean at great depths, where sunlight hardly penetrates. In such harsh conditions, only the strongest species survive, therefore, the beneficial properties of our algae are really unique. Natura Siberica collects deep-sea algae on the territory of its farm on about. Kunashir and invites you to evaluate their transformative effect and together with us to believe in the stunning power of the most powerful and unique organic components.

Organic Deep Sea Algae

RUB 3099.00Price
  • Soak 30 g (1/10 of the contents of the box) in hot water (60-70 ° C) for 40 minutes. Fill a warm bath and add the resulting infusion to it. Take a bath for 20 minutes. After the procedure, do not take a shower, just pat your skin with a towel and use your favorite cream.

  • 300 g